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My name is Hawanatu Dumbuya

I am a young woman who used to go through life without any hope, depressed, angry, aggressive, anxious, … I could go on for a while. I lived my life on an automatic pilot day in and day out. While being abused verbally, mentally, physically …, in the comfort of my own home (or at least that’s what it was supposed to be. A home). A young bright, lively and kind girl ends up living (or should I say exciting) just like that day in and day out.

This is the awful truth about my life before Christ found me and breathed life into me again. He gave me my joy back, thaught me true love, I found a peace that I cannot fantom, thaught me who I am and showed me what I am worth. I, who used to live such an empty life, now my cup runs over! And that’s exactly the reason why I’ve started this blog. I know how many more people are still struggling with the same things that I have gone through and now I’ve been set free from all those bondages, and am currently still being set free from some, I want nothing else but to share my journey with others. I hope to inspire non-Christians to take some kind of interest in the Christian faith because, as a living testimony I tell you that Jesus Christ is the savior the world needs. I also hope to inspire those who already are Christians to take the next step in their Christian lifestyle.
Just so to be clear am not a perfect Christian, I don’t have everything in order, I still have my ups and downs as I am trying to fulfill my God-given purpose, I have tons of questions and doubts, but all I know is that I don’t want to live a second without Jesus Christ. Life is simply not worth living without Him.

So, Welcome into my deepest thoughts and let’s get this journey started!


I am a devoted, every day growing Christian who is currently a student.

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