Travel: Paris (France)

Going to Paris has been our most spontaneous trip ever. But it was as great as always.

Sevran Livry, the place we stayed at, was nothing like Paris in the movies. For some reason, the inhabitants (the ones we saw) seem like a ticking bomb. The streets and stations we’re filled with people going up and down as if their lives depended upon it (maybe it does?). I saw people explode at each other for the tiniest thing. I am not trying to judge anyone, we all know that life is hard and chaotic. But I have to confess that it made me feel somehow sorry for humanity and the world we have created.

The first place we went to visit was the Palace of Versailles. *The Palace of Versailles has been listed as a World Heritage Site for 30 years and is one of the greatest achievements in French 17th century art. Louis XIII’s old hunting pavilion was transformed and extended by his son, Louis XIV, when he installed the Court and government there in 1682. A succession of kings continued to embellish the Palace up until the French Revolution.

The palace was huge! I can’t even begin to count the number of rooms it had. We normally like to take our time to look around in museums, but at the end of the visit, we had to skip some rooms to save time, since we also had to see the breathtaking garden.

They had an audio guide available, but the only thing was that it was only for a handful of rooms. I personally love to have background information on paintings and art pieces, but that wasn’t possible here, which was too bad. But besides that, I honestly enjoyed the visit.

The garden was just simply breath-taking! *Visitors looking through the central window in the Hall of Mirrors will see the Grande Perspective stretching away towards the horizon from the Water Parterre. This unique east-west perspective originally dates from before the reign of Louis XIV, but it was developed and extended by the gardener André Le Nôtre, who widened the Royal Way and dug the Grand Canal.

The next place we went to is the Museum Louvre. The Louvre, or the Louvre Museum, is the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France. I mean who sees all of the world’s largest art museum in one day? I would have loved to go back and see the rest of the place. The paintings and art pieces were truly inspiring. What I really liked in Paris, was the fact that young adults between 18 – 25 years old get to visit museums for free. I have no idea why that is, but it sure is nice!

The next thing we did was a boat tour through Paris. Which was really nice, especially with the kind of weather we had that day.

We wanted to go to the Eifel tower for our last activity in Paris, but because of the corona, we couldn’t go all the way to the top of it. So, we decided to leave it for the next time. We went to an art show instead. The Light Atelier. This form of art is quite unknown to me. I don’t have any pictures of it, but I do have some shorts of it in my Instagram highlights (@thepurposedrivenjournal).

Fun fact: I totally fell asleep during the show! It’s not like it was boring or anything like that, but I just didn’t have enough sleep the night before.


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