Venice (Italy)

Christmas 2019, my fiancé and I spend this beautiful time with his family in Italy. But not without taking a small detour to Venice. The last time I visited Italy, I only stayed in Rome. Venice was breathtaking! I love water, vintage, and history, this place was the perfect embodiment of these things. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. Some of those pictures came out pretty nice, which is the reason I wanted to share them with you.

Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

When I came from Africa at the age of seven, my innocent mind was filled with all kinds of fantasies about what Europe looked like. Some of them were from the movies I use to watch at my neighbors, and some were created by the stories that were going around in a small town called Lungi, Sierra Leone. I remember being so excited! And the moment I stepped my feet in The Netherlands, Leeuwarden, I was utterly disappointed.

Paris (France)

Sevran Livry, the place we stayed at, was nothing like Paris in the movies. For some reason, the inhabitants (the ones we saw) seem like a ticking bomb. The streets and stations we’re filled with people going up and down as if their lives depended upon it (maybe it does?). I saw people explode at each other for the tiniest thing.